A Glimpse of over Thirty Years of the
Maharishi Purusha Program in the United States

The history of the Maharishi Purusha Program tells the story of infinite dynamism eternally awake in the perfect silence of pure knowledge. Responding to the need of the time, the Maharishi Purusha program has cultured deep silence, gained and applied new knowledge, and participated in many projects around the world while always focused on purifying world consciousness and helping to create Heaven on Earth. Our greatest accomplishments have been growth of higher states of consciousness in our individual lives and the rise of world consciousness resulting from our 24-hour Bliss® program. There have been many other steps of great achievement as well.

In recent years Maharishi shifted our focus to less activity and a longer practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi program, along with putting our attention on the countries of the world from the silent level of Natural Law.


The first five years of the Purusha program were dynamic, as we launched new initiatives to bring pure knowledge to every area of society in every part of the world. In Fairfield Iowa, Purusha program formed the core of the U.S. national Super Radiance community, and in Washington, D.C., a second large Purusha group contributed a powerful influence of coherence in our nation's capital. During this time, members of Purusha program:


In our second five years, Purusha program retired to the silent forests and gentle mountains of Livingston Manor, New York, where we dove deep into the ocean of silence. Maharishi's program for Purusha program included extended practice of the TM-Sidhi program, Vedic studies, and "recreation" in which we continued to pursue activities begun in previous years, such as contacting the media about Maharishi's programs and operating Age of Enlightenment Press and Video Productions, as well as new initiatives inspired by Maharishi. During this time, members of Purusha:


During two years in Fairfield Iowa, Purusha program continued to focus on the development of consciousness. Individuals from the Purusha program also:


These were tremendous years of growth, accomplishment, and spiritual development for Purusha: