"Purusha is a very ideal program. It is a wonderful program for the individual to harness the full creative potential of Natural Law and use it to enjoy bliss. World peace is a by-product of it. Heavenly life on earth is a by-product of it." —Maharishi

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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The founder of Maharishi Purusha program. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is widely regarded as the foremost scientist and teacher in the field of consciousness.

Maharishi Purusha Program

Every aspect of the PurushaSM program has been carefully designed by Maharishi for those who wish to dedicate themselves fully to the most rapid pace of evolution possible.


We invite you to support the Maharishi Purusha Program in order to help achieve the goal of Heaven on Earth for all mankind.

Maharishi Purusha Capital of the Western World

Maharishi established the Maharishi Purusha CapitalSM in West Virginia, USA as a permanent home for the Maharishi Purusha Program.

Courses for Men at the Capital

These courses provide a rare opportunity to experience for yourself the unfoldment of the field of all possibilities in an atmosphere of Himalayan spirituality and American luxury.


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