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Donate to Maharishi Purusha Program

What we need is to perpetuate this program and have Purusha permanently established on earth. —Maharishi

Donations to Support our Monthly Expenses

The success of the Maharishi Purusha Program depends upon the financial support we receive from our donors. Your donations provide the day-to-day support which allows us to strengthen coherence in world consciousness and help create Heaven on Earth.

Whether you know someone on the PurushaSM program or not, your support is very much appreciated. We especially appreciate ongoing monthly donations, which provide a stable basis of support. See below for how to donate by credit card or check.

Maharishi Purusha Program is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt educational organization and donations are tax deductible. All donations go into a general fund which is under the full control of Maharishi Purusha Program. In addition to personal donations or donations from companies by credit card or check, the following options are available.

Giving Stocks and other Appreciated Assets

By giving appreciated assets the donor receives a tax deduction for the current value of the gift and avoids the capital gains on the growth of the asset. Examples of appreciated assets that can be donated are: Stocks, real estate, precious metals, life insurance, IRAs, business interest, partnership interest, art works and other types of personal property. Please contact our Donations Office for how to make donations of appreciated assets.

Gifts through Payroll Deductions and Matching Funds

Many employers will take a specific amount from your check each pay period and make a donation to a charity of your choice. Some employers match some or the entire donation. Others may have tax-efficient ways to make this gift. Please ask your employer about programs for charitable contributions.

Legacy Giving, Planned Gifts, and The Purusha Endowment Fund

Please see our Legacy Giving and Purusha Endowment page for information on how to include Purusha in your estate planning and for information on the Purusha Endowment Fund.

Additional Ways to Donate

These include charitable gift annuities, charitable lead trust, and donating for specific projects. Please see the Additional Ways to Contribute section as the bottom of the Legacy Giving and Purusha Endowment page.

How to Make a Donation

Donate Online by Credit Card
Donate by Credit Card Through the Mail
Donate by Automatic Bank Withdrawal
Donate by Check

How to Change an Ongoing Donation

Update your Automatic Monthly Credit Card Donation
Update your Automatic Bank Account Withdrawal
(any change requires a new authorization)

If you have any question or to make arrangements you may contact us by:

Phone: 1-800-835-0240
Fax: 1-773-751-5110
Email: Admissions