NextGen PurushaSM Program

**** The NextGen Purusha Initiative Has Begun! ****

The NextGen Purusha program is for men ages 18-45 practicing the TM® and TM-Sidhi® programs who are looking to discover, develop, and live their full potential via deep meditation, profound knowledge, and the best experiences of their lives. Participants enjoy extended group practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi programs, the best of Maharishi’s talks, and courses given by visiting leaders of Maharishi’s worldwide organization. And for those who wish, there are opportunities to work on projects that help fulfill Maharishi’s initiatives around the world, including teaching the TM program. Participants may come for as little as two months and shorter Taste of NextGen Purusha courses are also available.

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Andrew Rushing

“I had heard about Purusha and had an idea about what that kind of life might be like, but no previous conclusion could possibly do justice to the immediate experience of the gentle power that is found here.”
—Andrew Rushing

Keelan Dimick

“My experience on the 2nd annual ELI Purusha Course was an absolute joy! I knew already the deep rest I would gain and profound knowledge I would be reminded of, but most profound was the ever expanding love I would feel for the world and the people around me.” —Keelan Dimick

ELI Group photo

ELI Group photo

ELI Group photo

Mark Schoenfeld ELI NextGen PurushaSM Fund

Please see the Mark Schoenfeld NextGen ELI Purusha Fund webpage for information on this fund and how to donate to it.